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Dear My Love,
Mohd Syafie

Thingking about all the moment we have made together, 
all the dreams that we have shared,
all the obstacle we have been through,

make me feel thankful and blessed,
I am lucky to have you as my lover, 
and the best thing is,
there is no man could ever loved me the way you do,
and the fact that you feel the same,
makes me the luckiest woman alive.

 My Love, 
the sound of your heart beats, 
as I rest my head on it makes me fell complete, 
knowing that your heart beats in tendem
with mine makes it a special, magical feeling 
and being with you makes me feel thing that 
I had never thought that I could feel. 

Love me forever and I promise to keep you happy 
and never make you sad again 
and make our dream come true, 
I know that we were meant to be 
and that we belong together as we have for all eternity 
and everyday 
I Love You more and more.


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